SILK price depeg/overpeg module

I’m reopening this thread:

Currently SILK is around 6% below the peg, this threshold is already starting to create not only an unhealthy environment for Silk holders and makes ShadeSwap inefficient where Silk is one of the main liquidity assets ( using stablecoins like USDC/USDT/IST/USK becomes fundamentally less efficient )
But at the same time it can undermine confidence in the Shade Protocol and SHD itself.

For this reason, I suggest:

  1. Temporarily raise taxes in all vaults ( except SCRT and stkd-SCRT ) to 1% until a better plan or automatic tax is created

  2. Raise taxes in USDT and USDC vault to 2%

  3. Redemption of “Minting Closed” vaults

  4. Use POL funds received in exchange for SHD buybacks to convert to SILK and pair with SHD in to LP