A Liquid Staking Future w/Persistence

Greetings community,

Today I wanted to take some time to talk about synergies with Persistence & the value of continuing to deepen our relationship with multiple LSTs as opposed to one single provider. A couple of things stand out when you look into Persistence as a protocol:

  • Distinct focus on Ethereum very early on their lifecycle compared to a lot of Cosmos (liquid staked BNB)
  • Native ecosystem of dApps built around LSTs (such as Dexter)
  • Focus on ensuring that their users can receive airdrops even while they are liquid staked
  • $5M+ of stkATOM liquidity
  • Strong security posture

While protocols like Stride have carved out strong liquidity advantages, over the long haul LSTs with different security/liquidity/& integration protocols will exist & there is no telling where the landscape will evolve within Cosmos over the coming years. Persistence has a great opportunity to show a significant amount of growth in 2024 - there team has excellent communication & ability to coordinate, I’ve been nothing but impressed by there team.

Integration list I foresee with the Persistence team:

  • Protocol Liquidity Matching on a SHD/XPRT pool (pending)
  • stkATOM for SILK minting (complete)
  • stkOSMO for SILK minting (pending)
  • stkATOM as accepted collateral on the Shade Money Market (imagine lending out stkATOM & passively earning both staking yield & lending fees!)
  • Integration of the pWallet into the Shade App
  • More intentional marketing surrounding Persistence products to improve volume profile (which will convert to better liquidity)
  • Supporting new Persistence assets on the Shade Bridge, empowering privacy for these assets
  • Co-marketing / events where it makes sense

Overall, I consider Persistence an excellent set of builders and am excited to see where they head with their platform. Diversifying our risk across multiple partners allows Shade to neutrally & objectively benefit from the growth of the entire LST ecosystem without accidentally over hedging into any single protocol. Cheers to a continued bright future with Persistence.

Be sure to show some support on this proposal as well :slight_smile:

-Carter W.