Partnership: Angel Protocol

Spartans! We’re in convo with Angel Protocol discussing the potential to support different nonprofits through the Shade DAO. We firmly believe that part of what we’re doing at Shade needs to have greater effect in the world at large and outside of the crypto space.

Angel Protocol would allow us to donate through several different options, such as using stable pools or very low risk yield sources, donating a percentage of profits from a particular Dapp, and a Locked for Good program which allows a project to lock up a certain number of tokens and the yield goes to a specific charity.

Any particular nonprofit sector that you’d like to see Shade Protocol support? Angel is open to onboarding new nonprofits, but you can also find a list of their current partners here.

Lets start a discussion below regarding thoughts on potential partnership:


Full support! Shade Protocol, Angel Alliance Member…

Has a nice ring to it!

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Hmm…this opinion may not be popular, but that hasn’t always stopped me before so here we go…

I think this should be far down the list of things we prioritize. This is not something you do at the beginning. It’s something you do “when you’ve made it.” Right now, we need to worry about making the protocol attractive to people. Although there definitely could be a case made that this could attract people, I think there are better ways to do it. Besides, charity endeavors should be pure and not be influenced by getting good publicity.

I think funds should be re-allocated to other community endeavors that have an opportunity to attract folks to the protocol. In a sense, use it to reinvest in ourselves and our Shade Protocol community.

We can revisit this once we are in the top 100 coins or something like that. When we are that big, will be better positioned to help charities.

I’ll also note I’m not against the partnership, but I kind of feel like it’s pointless right now given the fact that I don’t believe we should be donating to charities at this early phase in the project.


I’m inclined to agree with bigboy here regarding priority.

This is something I am pro in the future but as of now however, one cannot donate profits that are yet to be made.

Totally disagree with bigboy and richo. charity is essential to long term profits and aligning a community with a bigger vision. To grow successfully some humility is required (as anyone who runs a business knows) a program like this is a great way to inject that humility into the foundational structure. I love this partnership and look forward to advocating the use of charity to align the community into a cohesive structure, for OUR profit! ALSL! (all life serves life!)


Diversity of opinion is an asset to our community and to the protocol. Healthy to have both sides represented here and contributing :slight_smile: .