Shade as privacy liquidity hub - long-term proposal

Hi, there are a lot of great privacy projects ( primarily building infrastructure like VPNs, mixers, … ) in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond, this proposal serves as a roadmap for creating a financial environment for these assets.


  1. to improve the financial capability, availability and token utility of these protocols and thereby facilitate their growth

  2. Increase awareness and utility of the Shade/Secret Network for the privacy community ( creating a liquidity hub for the privacy crypto ecosystem )

  3. Increase the utility of SILK as a payment medium


  1. Create more liquidity with privacy protocol tokens
    IBC : ( JKL, dVPN, NYM, DEC,… )
    Non-IBC ( XMR, ZEC, NAV, … ) - not core ( need to create a bridge = high cost )
    Ideally through a liquidity match

  2. Create LSDs for privacy protocol tokens ( Shade = Dark Stride )

  • JKL
  • dVPN
  • NYM ( so far 0% APR, staking is in the preparation phase )
    other tokens either don’t exist or have too small MC
  1. SILK integration into privacy protocols such as NYM or Jackal Protocol for service payments