ShadeSwap Audit Report

Hello Shade Protocol Community!

Attached below is the code audit report for ShadeSwap, recently completed by Certik on May 2nd, 2023.

ShadeSwap is a privacy-preserving DEX built to facilitate incredibly efficient swaps between Liquid Staking Derivatives and their underlying L1 tokens. ShadeSwap is built on the Secret Network and uses Secret smart contracts that empower it to be front-running resistant by default.

ShadeSwap DEX currently uses a Hybrid Function Market Maker AMM model, known as SilkSwap, in order to asymmetrically concentrate liquidity for Liquid Staking Derivatives within the most ideal trading ranges. ShadeSwap is the first implementation of asymmetric concentrated liquidity in DeFi. The swap efficiency of this asymmetric concentrated liquidity curve can also be extended to include stablecoins as they usually trade within very narrow windows. Users not only get to benefit from the most ideal trading experience for LSD’s, but they also can do so privately without the fear of being front-run.

To learn more about ShadeSwap, visit our protocol docs:

Shade Protocol is insistent on putting security first; the core protocol contributors are proud to have partnered with Certik to have the ShadeSwap smart contracts audited for vulnerabilities, and will continue to internally and externally audit all key contracts that are part of the Shade Protocol suite.


The Certik security assessment was revised and published May 2nd, 2023. The vulnerabilities found during the code audit can be seen below.

It is important to note that the Critical, Major, and Medium findings were resolved except for those that relate to current centralization risk (acknowledged) and those that involve parameters that match the standard SNIP20 implementations (acknowledged or declined)

To view the full code audit for ShadeSwap, visit: Shade Protocol - CertiK Skynet Project Insight

Resolution and commit hashes are available in the audit report for Code Audit Findings.


Thank you. Great Work.

Does ShadeProtocol has a treasury like AVVE if black swan events happen?