ShadeSwap Pool Emission MegaThread

Greetings community,

This thread will display current pool reward amounts - anytime pool rewards are updated there will be a justification for the changes as well update on where the rewards are re-allocated to. Once governance is fully integrated, this process will be fully managed via community tokenholders. Currently, this is managed by the ShadeDAO.

Pair Category # of SHD % allocation Partner Matching
SILK/IST Stable 20 11.98% Agoric
SILK/USDC Stable 60.5 6.36% Secret Surge
SILK/USDT Stable 60 6.31% Secret Surge
SILK/CMST Stable 19.9375 2.10% Harbor Protocol
ATOM/stATOM Derivative Onramp 76.25 8.01% None
JUNO/stJUNO Derivative Onramp (reduced to 0) 0 0% None
OSMO/stOSMO Derivative Onramp 31.75 2.29% None
INJ/stINJ Derivative Onramp 30 4.66% None
SCRT/stkd-SCRT Derivative Onramp 36.25 3.81% Secret Surge
stATOM/stOSMO CPMM (reduced to 0) 0 0% None
SILK/stINJ Derivative to Silk 30 4.66% None
SILK/stATOM Derivative to Silk 200 21.02% Stride
SILK/stOSMO Derivative to Silk 50 4.20% Stride
SILK/stkd-SCRT Derivative to Silk 40 4.20% Secret Surge
SHD/stATOM Shade pair 72.5 7.62% None
SHD/JKL Shade pair 0 0% None
SHD/BLD Shade pair 5 0.53% Agoric
SHD/stkd-SCRT Shade pair 25 2.63% Secret Surge
SILK/SHD Shade + SILK 30 3.15% None
Total 761 100%

Percentage of total supply emitted per day: 0.00761%

Emission Category % of Rewards Justification
StableSwap 26.7% StableSwap pairs increase SILK utility via connections to other stablecoin utility and opportunities.
SILK CPMM 25.22% Important for ShadeLend minted SILK to have meaningful tokens to increase exposure to.
SHD CPMM 13.92% Key for increasing SHD liquidity and correlation to apex assets.
Derivative Onramp 14.00% Flagship onboarding pools to get users seamlessly in and out of staking derivatives.

The above % distribution will be fully reflected once the next set of pools go live.

[5/3/2023] Change log will begin here.
[5/10/2023] Added in SILK/stOSMO pool
[5/11/2023] Updated SILK/IST pool rewards to match 50/50 split (originally was over incentivized). Changed from 114 SHD per day to 20 on this pair. This SHD was then repurposed to SILK/stINJ (40) and INJ/stINJ (40) as well as to the SILK/stOSMO pool (40).
[5/23/2023] Shifted 10 SHD from both INJ/stINJ + SILK/stINJ pool to stOSMO/OSMO and SILK/stOSMO.


Why Stride doesn’t incentivizing pairs like stATOM/ATOM, stOSMO/OSMO stJUNO/JUNO on Shade, and instead puts money into the multiply less effective Osmosis

This doesn’t seem like a very profitable partnership to me, Shade pays SHD for pairs that are mostly profit for Stride, this isn’t what a partnership should be about.

I believe a lot of LSDs on Cosmos would rip your arms off for the opportunity to list their tokens on an efficient exchange still with SHD incentives, if pairs should be incentivized by SHD there should be Stride involvement.


Having an effective way in and out of staking derivatives is one of the primary goals of the dex in the formation of its market fit. this includes derivative onramp pools and silk derivative pools.
Our goal is to become known for our capital efficiency by usage of derivative focused pairs. This means we have to incentivize the pools that are the most necessary for forming that narrative. Stride’s goal is to increase usage of their staking derivative meaning that they focus on where there is the most stride derivative use (osmosis) and will focus more on shade swap once our capital efficient narrative is formed and adopted.


Today (7/4/2023) major changes were put into place to wind down any non SILK/SHD pool on ShadeSwap as well as reweight multiple pools that do not currently received partner incentives.


ATOM/stATOM: 76.25 (old) to 61.04 (new)
OSMO/stOSMO: 21.75 to 5.92
INJ/stINJ: 30 to 7.23
SILK/stkd-SCRT: 40 to 114
SILK/stOSMO: 40 to 28
SILK/stINJ: 30 to 7.56
SILK/ETH: 100 to 75.6
SILK/BTC: 100 to 75.6
SHD/stATOM 72.5 to 0
SHD/BTC: 72.5 to 0
SILK/SHD: 30 to 448

Remaining pools to be changed:

sSCRT / stkd-SCRT

All of the above pools are partner pool with duel incentives tied to them that are still in motion, as these deals come to a close they will be converted / updated to their properly scoped category ratios. After this has been done for all pools, we will then across all pools instantiate a 15% reduction in emissions.

tldr steps;
(1) reweighting pools in their categories to correct amounts (did this today for any non-partner pools)
(2) Doing this for all pools as partner incentives comes to a close
(3) Emissions cut once all reweightings occur

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