Sovereignty as a core principal of Shade Protocol

I would like to add “Users have a right to self-sovereignty” to the shade protocol core principals. (or some other similar wording) I know many people here already understand that this will be a defining issue and I believe shade protocol is perfectly positioned to spear-head the sovereignty position in relation to blockchain technology. If you have any thing to add in defense or opposition of self-sovereignty please add it!

Hello @zenopie appreciate you taking the time to propose this addition.

What precisely does this entail? Is this saying Shade Protocol should never force a user to take an undesired action or something to that effect?

Financial self-sovereignty- Users are the supreme authority of their funds. Governance won’t be given the ability to seize, freeze, violate privacy, block addresses or otherwise alter user funds. Every action that involves a user’s funds requires the user to allow the action to take place. Users are able to use their funds for whatever purpose they chose. eh, something like that. you get the idea. (sorry for the edits. its a forming principle lol)

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Self sovereignty is one of the main reasons I have personally for being in the crypto and blockchain space. I humbly suggest also that proof of reserves is a great way for projects not just exchanges who are serious about alternatives to the current financial system. It will provide users and supporters with the reassurance and confidence in any project promoting a practical use of the tech. Practical use case of the tech is null and void when users get rekt IMHO. The recent example is evidence that if we do not solve this, the crypto and blockchain industry will struggle with adaption.