Meet the Community!

:wave:Welcome to the Shade Protocol Forum! :wave:

This thread is for introductions of all our amazing community members. Whether you are already an active member or just joining the community, we welcome you with open arms! :hugs:

Here you can begin to explain some information about yourself and how you got involved with Shade!

I will start it off - I go by @FatherFlash to most people, but you can call me whatever you want…just not late for dinner!

I work on the Operations side of Shade Protocol, and I am primarily based out of New York (though you might catch me while I am travelling). I come from a data science & machine learning background, ironically making me a huge advocator for data privacy, especially in the Web 3.0 space. I am also extremely passionate about unifying & simplifying the DeFi space in order to bring mass adoption. Outside of crypto, I love staying active - whether that be playing sports, practicing martial arts, or going fishing!

I hope that I can get to know you all more, and maybe grab a drink one day! :beers: Until then, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out! :smile:


Hey @FatherFlash thanks for kicking things off!

My name is Carter Woetzel: one of the lead researchers for Shade Protocol. I do a lot of product work, scoping, writing, podcasts, recruiting, shilling, etc. :stuck_out_tongue: I have a deep passion for stablecoins and privacy, Secret Network has been my “home base” since 2017. I’m also a published author of a book called “Building Confidence in Blockchain: Investing in Cryptocurrency & a Decentralized Future”.

On the side, I am an active trail runner, fast food enthusiast, gamer (former Starcraft II grandmaster, I played for ~8 years pre-crypto), music listener (anything with piano!), family guy (nothing beats camping), hiker (been to 48 states & a large number of national parks, Glacier National Park is my favorite!), & NBA/movie watcher!

Despite my many hobbies, crypto & blockchain is the ultimate hobby to be able to work on day in and day out. Excited to see where the journey leads us, very fun to meet you all!


Hey @FatherFlash thanks for the intro.

My name is Mohammed Patla and work as a Core Dev and Ops lead in the team. I have been in crypto since late 2016, but only started contributing through dev and ops in 2018. I met Carter in 2020 and we started working together since then building out Shade Protocol initial setups, since then the community has taken a lot of effort in pushing shade further in the crypto space.

I personally enjoy gaming (Rocker League, LOL, Overwatch), but also enjoy outdoor games (tennis, squash, badminton, swimming and soccer). I play with most content in genres like Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

And obviously crypto is home, I am a believer that this industry changes how Fintech works and how money will operate 20 years from now one of the reasons i am building here.

Excited to meet everyone here!!


Hello everyone!

I’m a community member. I go by bigboy61. I’m a DevOps Engineer and have been in crypto since late December 2017.

I found out about Shade Protocol through Reddit. I owned SCRT and read about the Shade Protocol airdrop that was coming up. I decided to read the whitepaper one night, and I was sold!

Shade really is a gem! I look forward to the next few years and seeing Shade reach it’s full potential!


bigboy is being modest too! This guy holds down the chats as a discord moderator answering all your burning questions! He’s also building something very cool for the community with his DevOps background. I love working with bigboy


@FatherFlash great idea to start the forums off with this post.

I’m a natural born entrepreneur who studied accounting. I thought this was a smart foundation to inevitably start my own company. Out of school I audited hedge funds and realized this was the exact opposite of entrepreneurship. I joined a start up doing phone sales and then field sales. Along side this, I created a company and app to track marathon runners in real time. I now own my real estate investing company that I (literally) built with my hands.

Now that my RE business runs on it’s own I focus all efforts into crypto as I’ve been a fan boy since 2017. I started as a scrt agent, now holding an official position helping run the agents program. I helped build the Shade Discord as I was one of the first 10 members that joined on day 1! I’m currently building some big stuff for the community as I continue to moderate and align community efforts with SHD marketing.

Outside of crypto & entrepreneurship, gym is life! I can talk crossfit, olympic lifting, triathlons & body building all day. Count your macros kids and catch me stateside or in Mexico


Hey Shade warriors, a fellow Spartan here :slight_smile:

I am Gijs AKA Ertemann, only 1 man out of the infinite pool of dutchies in Secret Network. I joined the active Secret Network and Shade community in the Fall of 2021 and never looked back. I had the pleasure to work on the genesis SILK peg and am a big fan of community education. You can find me creating content for the Agent of the Round Table podcast, official Secret Network channels and the Developer documentation. Besides serious work i like researching other protocols just like @Orageux101 so hit us up if you need something :slight_smile:

In my spare time you can catch me playing the drums and i like sailing on the dutch lakes when the weather allows for it. If not doing that i am probably shitposting in the Governance Telegram or sharing facts on twitter.

Careful! The sun is dangerous; “See you in the SHD”


Hello everyone :love_you_gesture:
I am Sanyar, discord community moderator of Shade Protocol, AKA KrakenCT on Twitter (for the love of the mystic creatures lol) so I prefer to use this handle here, call me whatever you want :+1:

I joined crypto space at the peak of the hype of 2021, early May lol so as a beginner I got familiar with Terra ecosystem and started reading then got eligible for Shade Protocol airdrop. I was learning things that I read Shade’s purpose and came to the conclusion that I have found a gem, finally I was early at something that I DYORed
So I got engaged in the conversations and became a community mod! With the genuine work the team is going through, I’m more confident over time

I have studied surveying, so I was not familiar with economics when I came in the space, but tbh most of the things that I have learned till now was from Shade Protocol community and team.

I love to contribute as much as I can with this community, let me know if you need my help :love_you_gesture:


Fun to hear what people are into outside of our shared SHD love :slight_smile:

I create content for Shade as a community member - mostly written and video. My specific area of focus and interest is researching the social composability of Silk for the people who need it most. I’m focused on building global relationships that will facilitate SILK actually being used as money in local communities.

For fun, I’m into hoops, weightlifting, and just being outside in the sun (living in the tropics helps there).


Hey Team!

My name’s Fisco! I’m one of the business team members for Shade Protocol. I mostly focus on business/product development. I’ve been involved in crypto since 2019, but only started working in the space spring 2022, so I’m super excited to be working on something that used to be a hobby.

Outside of crypto I enjoy everything outside, camping, climbing, mountain biking and hiking. Always nice to balance the work in the tech space with being disconnected in the outdoors. I also love reading anything fantasy of sci-fi related (any LOTR fans here??).

Super excited to be here and looking forward to getting connected with everyone!

Hic manebimus optime!


Hello fellow Spartans and Warriors!

I came across the Secret Network in August 2021. A couple months later, I discovered Shade Protocol. In many ways, it was the first thing in the SN ecosystem to really pique my interest. I have been a major privacy advocate for over a decade now. Hence, SN seemed like the perfect home to build some cool stuff! Ever since, I have been trying to create useful tools for various projects on SN. When I am not studying or buidling, I like to relax and spend time with my dog :grin:

Nice to meet you all, my DMs are open if anyone ever has questions for all things SHD and SN related.


My name is Riaz, but most will know me as Orageux.

Within the crypto space, I’m a bit of a hermit at this point - wondering within the space learning and absorbing information as I best can. If anyone ever has questions or just something they’re interested in learning more about - my door is always open!

Secret Network has been my home for the past 18 months and I can’t see that changing in the foreseeable future. I enjoyed helping some of the crew with earlier iterations of the peg model.

Outside of crypto, I play a heck of a lot of sports with football, cricket and table tennis. I’m also an avid gamer with League, F1 and Fifa occupying most of my time.


Hey :wave:

I am Waffle, I have been in crypto since 2016-2017 and interested in DeFi since summer 2020. With a background in Economics and business, I consider BTC as sound money and was involved in Olympus and other DAOs during DeFi 2.0 summer :bank:

Beside that, IRL, I had an exciting experience in the commodity industry based West Africa and South East Asia before dedicating myself to the crypto-industry a few months ago, mostly in the Secret ecosystem.


Hi everyone :v:

rabbitS_ here. I will dox myself once we have all met. Hopefully soon :heart_eyes:

I joined crypto in early 2017 and started degen leverage trading 100x like pro. After blowing my account for at least 5 times, I still managed to xxxx my portolfio to cash out enough to buy literally everything I need in life. During 2018 bear winter I then took a few months off and watched all my bags go to zero and sadly also missed the crypto kitties, crypto punks and uniswap hypes. But hey, then Pancakeswap was born. I AM BACK full degen and aped 100k of $cake and sold them at 0.60 cents like a boss (not) :smiling_face_with_tear:
After noticing that BSC might not be it, I thought Solana will be so I “All in’ed” Solana at 12 USD. Aped over 150 NFTs over there just to realize they are all actually shit and worthless JPGS but hey, my bags got heaaaavy. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Sold all my Stoplana to all in on Terra Luna. Do you kwon why? I dont. After Do kwon made that 10mil bet, I did know it was time for me to leave asap. But honestly, the community there was 10x nicer than on Solana. But yeah, we all knew Luna was gonna blow up one day right? It was just not thought thru, so I needed to check for other ecosystems. Thats where I have found Cosmos. :star_struck:
And theeen…people started telling me secrets. I feel like I have finally found my place to be in crypto. My last stop: Shade :sunglasses: LEZ GOOO FRENS!!! Lets do this!!!

A bit about myself: I live in Switzerland in a small town called Basel. One of the nicest places on earth imo. I initially studied marketing and communications and now I own two companies (ecommerce & booking agency for EDM) but I still work 100% for an HR Company as Consultant. Our clients are banks, pharma or telco.

I also enjoy travelling with my GF a lot and my hobbys aside from crypto are hiking, freediving & and raving to underground techno.

Please feel free to reach out via Alter. My ID: p5ud8sfmm4

Cheers frens


That’s a journey!

Fully agree with your assessment of Basel… Very fun little town. Someone needs to host a crypto event there!


Great to be here.

I first heard about Shade Protocol from Mehdi Farooq via the Token Metrics team in 2021.

I have been full-time crypto for many years. I’m the CSO at Lunar Digital Assets, a full-stack blockchain marketing and incubation firm.

My mission has always been to make my mark on this historical journey into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Luckily, I have had the pleasure of positively impacting many great crypto projects. For example, I helped incubate QuickSwap, the largest DEX on Polygon, and contributed to Polygon and various Cosmos project’s marketing for many years.

My proudest moment was creating the rebrand marketing idea for Polygon, which helped propel them into the top 20 on CoinMarketCap.

Follow me:
-Twitter: @circle_crypto
-YouTube: Crypto Secret Circle


Richo - resident shit posters, I taught mindtrap everything he knows. (prob not)

Also like to brew beer, also taught Red Eye everything he knows. (prob not)

Been in crypto since 2013, mostly BTC, wish I invested more money back then, but, uni student and probably would have paper handed it when it tanked if it was too substantial. Because of that I never sold rode all bull and bears. Traded here and there, converted all shit coins from 2017 into the most promising which was ENG, then made my way to SCRT. HODL bag only has BTC, ETH, SCRT, SHD. Trading portfolio is different story.


Hi All. This is Ranger Ranger. The Adam of Anons, Stake Charmer and most importantly SHADE MAXI.

I have been working with Shade for a year or so now helping with ideation and economics. My professional background is in financial services with over 10 year experience. I only got involved in crypto around end of 2020 so this is my first bear, but it feels comfy with you all and knowing what we’re building.

Outside crypto I like to play some PC games, go to baseball/football games, drink pina coladas/rum and cokes and pretend the city is a beach.


Hi, my name is Jackson. I’ve been with $SCRT community from Enigma ($ENG) ICO. I love to be here, be a part of Shade.
Me on twitter:


Hello! I’m peregrinus from Indonesia!
My special skill : get rekt :rofl:
Please do follow me on twitter @_peregrinus __
Really excited for the future of Cosmos Ecosystem in general and Shade Protocol specifically!