Real Yield Go-Live August Timeline


August 8th - stkd-SCRT fee bump + ShadeSwap DAO fee update + buybacks LIVE
August 17th - New ShadeLend vaults added (stkATOM, wBTC, potentially others…)
August 22nd - first staking campaign from accrued real yield begins (every 14 days). No further subsidized staking reward campaigns from here on out.
August 31st - Interest fee bump + validator set update

We are still awaiting additional feedback on the validator set, which is the reason this initiative is getting pushed back. We look forward to rolling out these changes, as buybacks are a turning point in SHD history.

Onwards & upwards,
-Shade Team


Most interesting thing I’ve seen from shade yet! Vroom vroom

Can you explain how the rewards campaigns will work?

How will the length and structure of the campaigns impact staking yield within the first 2 weeks, and once more time has passed (let’s say a month)?