stkd-SCRT balance = 0 after staking. HELP


I staked wanted to stake SCRT for stkd-SCRT and received an Error (not saved) while doing so.
Now my SCRT is vanished, and even though strk-SCRT appeared in my wallet, it shows a balance of 0.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 12.52.22

Please help me entender what happened here. Thanks.

Did you try reset viewing key?
If not just delete viewing key for stkd-SCRT ( Its in Keplr settings ) and create new one

Im having the same issue…for some reason cant get a viewing key for SHD to accept…lost a few tokens trying to switch from pool to pool…they’re THERE…but cant get my Keplr wallet to accept a viewing key so I can see them and reset them in a new pool…stkd-SCRT i can see just fine…But SHD and SILK are a frustrating no go