Transaction issue

Hi , I connected to shade protocol using keplr wallet, I bridged atom to secret, the transaction was successful, but I cannot see secret in my shade wallet, it says I don’t have scrt gas to perform, but the transaction was successful

I have similar issue today I deposited ATOM to SHADE, In MINTSCAN transaction is good but I can’t locate my SCRT. I searched everywhere and I found you:) Were you able to resolve your issue? Please le me know. Thank you.

Yes, Go try in a regular chrome browser , have some scrt in account and then click view balance button in portfolio, you should be able to see them
You can get scrt from your osmosis wallet and then transfer them to shade

Hi, In shade protocol? the balance is zero. thanks.

Finally, I am able to locate it:) It was in SCRT dashboard portfolio and not in Shade Protocol portfolio also under the ticker sAtom. I went through all the SCRT and ATOM named coins:) Thank You.