Weekly Bug Squash & Updates

January 18, 2023 Weekly Bug Squash

We will be turning this into a weekly series where you can see what we are fixing :slight_smile:

1. Added Ledger support for Shade Bridge
2. Resolved Stride <–> Shade Bridge bug - essentially, those who had claimed an airdrop from Stride had their account type modified and our Javascript client didn’t have the ability to handle the custom account type. We’ve added in support for this so that user story should no longer have any issues.
3. Resolved “Not enough gas” for ATOM and multiple L1s
4. Resolved a bug from Stride <—> Secret Network where front-end was expecting user to have some Stride in their wallet. This is unnecessary as Stride IBC transactions are free.
5. Resolved Airdrop Part 1 bug tied to an endpoint not being updated. For any users who couldn’t connect Keplr, this should be resolved now.