ATOM split consequences

I introduce this discussion thread because it seems to me than the recent announce by Jae KWON to spearhead the split of atom into two new tokens needs to be explored from a consequence point of view for stakers.

To put things simple.
Should such a split occur. Will our staked atom/statom position be also split into: atom/statom + atmo/statmo positions ?
Same question regarding other pairs: atom/stkatom, atom/qatom, silk/statom, etc…

Hey @Chance_BET ,
Going to answer briefly as i am still unclear on how this spilt will happen myself (if it does happen).

If a split is happening it is usually going to be a fork of the network itself, that means that usually a new token is created as a consequence of the fork.
so you would have atom <> newatom tokens, in which they are two different networks with its each individual token.
That also means that stride would need to launch a new stnewatom derivative token for it, on shadeswap that would mean new pools and new lending positions (which will be evaluated on token to token basis)


Hi mohammed.
Thank you for these explanations.
And according to you,
what about atom derivative tokens such as statom or qatom ?
Would you provide duplicates of them as well or if such split happen (which I do not necessarily wish …) or should we deliquify our statom tokens ?

Best regards.

That’s fully based on the LST providers if they provide new tokens we can support it.